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S. S. Kutateladze sskut at math.nsc.ru
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12/28/2007, Messing wrote:
 In ZFC a category is defined as an
 ordered sextuple: C = (M, O, s, t, c, i) where M and O are sets
In ZFC, yes; but a category may fail to be a set.
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''                      ...
Messing wrote:...  hieroglyphs... nothing but an historical
This is not so. There is an analogy between the natural languages
(Maya and Latin, for instance) and first order theories (ZFC and
CM)  inexpressible in one another. My tacit hope is that
this analogy might help to acknowledge the inadequacy of the FT.
Historical circumstances are much more than nothing---that's my
another point.

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