[FOM] 314: Pi01 Incompleteness/Digraphs

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Sat Dec 22 04:12:35 EST 2007

In #313, we did not use the right kind of iterated images of binary
relations R. 

When we fixed this, we noticed that it is best to restate everything in
graph theoretic terms.



Here digraphs will not have multiple edges, but can have loops.

Let G be a digraph. We write V(G) for the set of vertices of G, and E(G) for
the set of edges of G. Edges of G are ordered pairs of vertices of G.

We say that G is a digraph on V(G).

Let S containedin V(G). We say that S is independent if and only if there is
no edge with vertices from S. We write S' = V(G)\S.

We write GS for {y: (therexists x in S)((x,y) in E(G))}.

We use interval notation. All intervals are discrete. We use [1,inf) for the
set of all positive integers.

Let G be a digraph on [1,inf)^k. We say that G is upwards if and only if

(x,y) in E(G) implies max(x) < max(y).

The following is an immediate consequence of a well known theorem from graph

THEOREM 1.1. Every upwards digraph G on [1,inf)^k has an independent set S,
where GS = S'. Furthermore, S is unique.

Let x,y in [1,inf)^k. We say that x,y are order equivalent if and only if
for all 1 <= i,j <= k,

x_i < x_j iff y_i < y_j.

Let G be a digraph with V(G) = [1,inf)^k. We say that G is order invariant
if and only if for all vertices x,y,z,w, if (x,y) and (z,w) are order
equivalent (as elements of [1,inf)^2k), then

(x,y) in E(G) iff (z,w) in E(G).

For n >= 1, the powers of n are the tuples whose coordinates are from
1,n,n^2,... .

PROPOSITION 1.2. Every upwards order invariant digraph G on [1,inf)^k has an
independent set S, where any power of (8k)! lying in some k element
independent subset of S', lies in some k element independent subset of GS,
and out of S+1. 

MAH = ZFC + {there exists a strongly n-Mahlo cardinal}_n. MAH+ = ZFC + "for
all n there exists a strongly n-Mahlo cardinal".

THEOREM 1.3. Theorem 1.1 is provable in RCA_0. Proposition 1.2 is provable
in MAH+ but not in MAH, assuming that MAH is consistent. Proposition 1 is
provably equivalent, over ACA, to CON(MAH). Proposition 1 is not provable in
any consistent subsystem of MAH. In particular, Proposition 1 is not
provable in ZFC, assuming ZFC is consistent. If we remove "and outside S+1",
then Proposition 1.2 is an immediate consequence of Theorem 1.1.

Here (8k)! is just a convenient expression.


The finite forms are obtained trivially by replacing [1,inf) with [1,n]. All
of the definitions are restated in the obvious way with [1,inf) replaced
throughout by [1,n]. Specifically,

PROPOSTION 2.2. Every upwards order invariant graph G on [1,n)^k has an
independent set S, where any power of (8k)! lying in some k element
independent subset of S', lies in some k element independent subset of GS,
and out of S+1.

Proposition 2.2 is explicitly Pi01.

All of the results read the same.

I use http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/%7Efriedman/ for downloadable
manuscripts. This is the 314th in a series of self contained numbered
postings to FOM covering a wide range of topics in f.o.m. The list of
previous numbered postings #1-249 can be found at
http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2005-June/008999.html in the FOM
archives, 6/15/05, 9:18PM. NOTE: The title of #269 has been corrected from
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Harvey Friedman

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