[FOM] Other expositions of forcing

Timothy Y. Chow tchow at alum.mit.edu
Sat Dec 15 16:55:25 EST 2007

Since announcing my "beginner's guide to forcing," I've learned of some 
related work that FOMers may be interested in.

But first, I should mention that I've posted my article on the ArXiv.


I fixed a couple of bugs since the last time I mentioned my article on FOM.

The closest thing I've found to my own article is Kenny Easwaran's 
"Cheerful introduction to forcing and the continuum hypothesis":


Kenny reads FOM and I've encouraged him to post his notes to the ArXiv; 
they should be appearing soon.  The "cheerful introduction" has a few more 
technical details than my account but is still geared towards beginners.

After seeing my article, Peter M. Johnson was motivated to post some 
unpublished notes of his to the ArXiv:


He is curious as to whether any of his ideas are new; perhaps some FOMers 
can comment on this?

Costas Drossos pointed out to me Dana Scott's expository article from the 
late 1960's, which most FOMers will know about but which I did not.

Finally, someone reminded me that Raymond Smullyan and Melvin Fitting have 
a book "Set Theory and the Continuum Hypothesis" which, among other 
things, presents forcing from the point of view of modal logic.  I have 
not digested this fully, but it does seem to have certain advantages over 
the standard approaches.


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