[FOM] Philosophy of Mathematics: 5 Questions

Hannes Leitgeb Hannes.Leitgeb at sbg.ac.at
Sun Dec 9 05:06:42 EST 2007

Dear Bill,

>Hello Hannes,
>->This book announcement might be of interest to the FOM community:
>->  Philosophy of Mathematics: 5 Questions
>->  Philosophy of Mathematics: 5 Questions collects together answers on 5
>->  provocative questions by many of the leading contemporary figures in
>->  Philosophy and Mathematics -
>I wonder if you might tell us what the 5 questions ARE?
>Not the solutions, or even a summary of them,
>but just a list of the questions.
>This would be a great help in deciding to order the book or not.
>You might consider replying with this to the whole list.

sure, it's a pleasure.

We asked our authors to answer 5 questions along the lines of:

1. Why were you initially drawn to the foundations of mathematics and/or
the philosophy of mathematics?

2. What example(s) from your work (or the work of others) illustrates the
use of mathematics for philosophy?

3. What is the proper role of philosophy of mathematics in relation to
logic, foundations of mathematics, the traditional core areas of
mathematics, and science?

4. What do you consider the most neglected topics and/or contributions in
late 20th century philosophy of mathematics?

5. What are the most important open problems in the philosophy of
mathematics and what are the prospects for progress?



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