[FOM] Truth and set theory

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Tue Dec 4 10:40:36 EST 2007

Dear FOMers

Let us denote ZF (NBG) withouth the axiom of infinity as ZF- (NBG-). Z is
the original Zermelo set theory, without the axiom of replacement. 

Now apparently Wang (1952) showed that it is possible to give a (materially
adequate) truth-definition for the infinitary Z in finitistic set theory
NBG-. This is interesting enough.

But is there some reason why one could not also give a truth definition for
ZF, again in NBG- ? (Z and ZF have, after all, the same language) 

Is anyone here familiar with this stuff?

Best, Panu

Panu Raatikainen

Ph.D., Academy Research Fellow,
Docent in Theoretical Philosophy
Department of Philosophy
University of Helsinki

E-mail: panu.raatikainen at helsinki.fi


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