[FOM] 2nd UNILOG and Universal Logic Prize 2007

BEZIAU Jean-Yves jean-yves.beziau at unine.ch
Thu Aug 30 10:15:32 EDT 2007

The 2nd World Congress and School on Universal Logic  
was organized last week in Xi'an, China.
http://www.uni-log.org <http://www.uni-log.org/> 

It was a  school of 4 days with about 25 tutorials followed by a congress of 3 days
with nearly 100  talks.
People from all over the world came to the 2nd UNILOG in Xi'an.
There was a contest with subject
"How to translate a logic into another one?"
The winners of the contest are R.Diaconescu, T.Mossakowski and A.Tarlecki
with their work "What is a logic translation?"
based on the notion of institution due to Jospeh Goguen.
The jury of the contest was composed by
 A.Avron, V.Goranko and H.Wansing (president). 
The "Universal Logic Prize 2007"  was offered by Birkhäuser
publisher of  Logica Universalis,
a journal entirely dedicated to universal logic:
The 2nd UNILOG was organized in China
in order to promote the exchange between Chinese logicians
and the rest of the world.
One of the conclusions of the event, as expressed by Jan Wolenski in his invited talk, 
was that logic is not from the West or the East, the North or the South
but is universal.
Projects for future UNILOGs
3rd UNILOG: in India, January 2010 
4th UNILOG: in Iran, 2012

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