[FOM] Infinity in Logic and Computation, November 2007, Cape Town

Vasco Brattka Vasco.Brattka at uct.ac.za
Wed Apr 25 06:30:38 EDT 2007


   First Announcement and Call for Papers

   International Conference on Infinity in Logic and Computation
   3-5 November 2007, University of Cape Town, South Africa


   Submission deadline: *6 August 2007*


   o Automata on infinite objects
   o Combinatorics, cryptography and complexity
   o Computability and complexity on the real numbers
   o Infinite games and their connections to logic
   o Logic, computability, and complexity
     in finitely presentable infinite structures
   o Randomness and computability
   o Transfinite computation
   o Verification of infinite state systems

   Invited Speakers

   o Willem L. Fouche (Pretoria, South Africa)
   o Erich Graedel (Aachen, Germany)
   o Thomas A. Henzinger (Lausanne, Switzerland) -to be confirmed-
   o Joel David Hamkins (New York NY, United States of America)
   o Peter Hertling (Munich, Germany)
   o Joseph S. Miller (Storrs CT, United States of America)
   o Helmut Prodinger (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

   Programme Committee

   o Ahmed Bouajjani (Paris, France)
   o Vasco Brattka (Cape Town, South Africa)
   o Valentin Goranko (Johannesburg, South Africa)
   o Ker-I Ko (Stony Brook NY, United States of America)
   o Orna Kupferman (Jerusalem, Israel)
   o Benedikt Loewe (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) -Chair-
   o Elvira Mayordomo (Zaragoza, Spain)
   o Dieter Spreen (Siegen, Germany)
   o Wolfgang Thomas (Aachen, Germany)
   o Yde Venema (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
   o Klaus Weihrauch (Hagen, Germany)
   o Philip Welch (Bristol, United Kingdom)
   o Mariko Yasugi (Kyoto, Japan)
   o Jeffery Zucker (Hamilton, Canada)


   The conference on Infinity in Logic & Computation is the first
   conference in South Africa that focuses on infinity in automata
   theory, logic, computability and verification. One purpose of
   this conference is to catalyse new interactions among local and
   international researchers and to expose postgraduate students to
   recent research trends in these fields.

   The conference will be organised at the University of Cape Town
   co-located with the 50th Annual Congress of the South African
   Mathematical Society (SAMS) that takes place from 31 October
   until 2 November 2007.

   We plan to organise a summer school on Logic & Computation
   directly following the conference from 6-9 November 2007.
   This summer school is intended for postgraduate students and
   other interested participants.


   o Margaret Archibald (Cape Town, South Africa)
   o Vasco Brattka (Cape Town, South Africa)
   o Valentin Goranko (Johannesburg, South Africa)
   o Hans-Peter Kuenzi (Cape Town, South Africa)
   o Benedikt Loewe (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


   Authors are invited to submit abstracts of at most one page in
   pure text or PDF format. Since acceptance of the abstract for 
   does not constitute a publication, it is permissible to submit talks
   on published results, survey talks or expository talks.

   o Deadline: *6 August 2007*
   o Notification of authors: 27 August 2007
   o Web page: http://www.easychair.org/ILC2007/


   It is intended to publish fully refereed post-conference
   proceedings in the book series of the Association of Logic,
   Language and Information (FoLLI) that is a sub series of
   the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) of

   Web page and Contact



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