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Fri Apr 20 11:39:38 EDT 2007


The Kurt Gödel Society is proud to announce the 
commencement of the research fellowship prize 
program in honor of the celebration of Kurt Gödel’s 100th birthday.

The research fellowship prize program is 
sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation and will offer:
•	two Ph.D. (pre-doctoral) fellowships of $60,000* US per annum for two years
•	two post-doctoral fellowships of $ 80,000* US per annum for two years
•	one senior fellowship of $ 120,000* US per  annum for one year
based on an international open competition, 
resulting in the publication of research papers
in a special issue of the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic.**

The following International Board of Jurors will 
be in charge of evaluating the applications:

Peter ACZEL, University of Manchester (GB)
Lev BEKLEMISHEV, Russian Academy of Sciences (RUS)
John BURGESS, Princeton University (USA)
Harvey FRIEDMAN, Ohio State University (USA) CHAIR
John HARRISON, Intel Corporation (USA)
Wilfrid HODGES, Queen Mary University of London (GB)
Simon KOCHEN, Princeton University (USA)
Jan KRAJICEK, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic(CZ)
Menachem MAGIDOR, Hebrew University (ISRAEL)
David MARKER, University of Illinois at Chicago (USA)
Michel PARIGOT, Universite Paris 7 (FRANCE)
Pavel PUDLAK, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic(CZ)
Hilary PUTNAM, Harvard University (USA)
Jeff REMMEL,University of California at San Diego (USA)
John STEEL, University of California at Berkeley (USA)
Frank STEPHAN, National University of Singapore (SINGAPORE)
Albert VISSER, University of Utrecht (NL)

Submission Software is online at:http://www.easychair.org/GoedelFellow2007/
Submission instructions can be found here: 


June 30, 2007.			    Submissions deadline
October 2007.			    Jury decision on the papers for publication (at most 20)
December 15, 2007.		    Final versions due
January 2008.			    Jury decision on winners due
February 2008.		            Award Ceremony
Mar.-Sept.2008.		            Commencement of the Fellowships


E-mail contact: goedel-fellowship at logic.at

* The currency conversion rate used for the 
Fellowships is fixed at 0.81 EUR / 1USD! At current market rates,
the Fellowship amounts to be awarded are about 
10% higher in USD (April 20, 2007).
** For the purpose of the Fellowships' Program, 
the APAL will publish all articles
chosen by the jury, which belong to any of the 
categories specified in the Scopes of the Fellowships.

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