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Call for Papers

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Guest Editors: Andrew Aberdein and Ian J. Dove


Announcing a special issue of the journal Foundations of Science on the
emerging intersection between philosophy of mathematics and
argumentation theory.

Foundational questions and the status of proof have long been central
to philosophy of mathematics, although mathematicians do a lot more
than just prove results. However, most mathematical practice may still
be understood in terms of argument.

Thus philosophy of mathematics needs an account of argument.
Argumentation theory seems like a good place to look. The intersection
of the two, although largely unexplored, has the potential to be hugely

Some philosophers of mathematics, such as Imre Lakatos, are sensitive
to the structure of argument, despite seldom citing argumentation
research. A few recent authors have linked the two fields explicitly.
These researchers come from a diverse range of disciplines: psychology,
education and computer science, as well as philosophy.

We invite authors to submit original contributions furthering research
explicitly related to mathematics and argumentation.


• Comparison of different techniques of reasoning employed within and
across mathematical subdisciplines;
• Historical and/or intercultural case studies exhibiting the
development of argumentational techniques in mathematics;
• Studies exhibiting the relation of techniques of argument in
mathematics with similar techniques in wider use;
• Innovations in argumentation theory inspired by mathematical argument;
• Case studies of mathematical argument, informed by argumentation
• Integration of existing work from different disciplines.


Indication of intent to submit a paper: April 30, 2007 (optional, but
Submission of paper: November 1, 2007
Notification of acceptance of paper: February 15, 2008 (provisional)
Submission of final paper: June 30, 2008 (provisional)
Publication of issue: late 2008 or early 2009

If you intend to submit a paper, please inform either guest editor,
preferably by April 30, 2007, in order to receive specific guidelines
for contributions.  Electronic submissions preferred: MS Word or pdf.

For additional information, please contact one of the editors of the
special issue, or visit http://my.fit.edu/~aberdein/argmath.

Andrew Aberdein, Ph.D.
Humanities and Communication,
Florida Institute of Technology,
150 West University Boulevard,
Melbourne, Florida 32901-6975, U.S.A.
aberdein at fit.edu

Ian J. Dove, Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy,
University of Nevada, Las Vegas,
4505 Maryland Parkway, Box 455028,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89154-5028, U.S.A.
ian.dove at unlv.edu

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