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Sat Apr 7 08:46:10 EDT 2007

Dear Colleagues:

Below is the announcement of a new puzzle book by Raymond
Smullyan which has been just published in the series
"Contemporary Logic". The purpose of the book is to introduce
Boolean algebra by puzzles, from the rudiments to Stone's
representation theorem.

Walter Carnielli

"The Magic Garden of George B. And Other Logic Puzzles"

Series "Contemporary Logic", editor Walter Carnielli
Polimetrica Publisher, Monza, Italy, 2007

176 pages, ISBN 978-88-7699-066-3
25,00 Euro

"After a series of light logic puzzles, the author presents a
bombshell puzzle so startling that it seems incredible that there
could be any solution at all! But there is indeed a solution -
moreover, one that requires a chain of lesser puzzles to be
solved first. The reader is thus journeyed through a maze of
subsidiary problems that has all the earmarks of an entertaining
detective story.

Of the author's 20 published books, this is the
11th whose purpose is to lead the unwary reader into deep logical
waters through seductively entertaining logic puzzles. The "deep
waters" of this book is boolean algebra with such weird looking
equations as 1+1=0 - a subject which today plays a vital role,
not only in mathematical systems, but also in computer science
and artificial intelligence."

Details can be found at:


Previous published title:

"An Introduction to Partially Ordered Structures and Sheaves" by
Francisco Miraglia.


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