[FOM] Logic and Linguistics -clarification

Ellen Fetchiet fetmarsh at olypen.com
Tue Apr 3 08:32:48 EDT 2007

John Baldwin says:
> ... I was wondering whether ... there was some discussion that
>  connected the `linquistic' aspects with the logical ones.

I may not understand the direction of the question, but Barbara Partee's 
work on (Richard) Montague Grammars deeply combines logic and linguistics. 
Many people have done related work.

In a different direction, in 1971 Stanley Peters and Robert W. Ritchie 
formalized Chomsky's notion of a transformational grammar and proved that 
every r.e. set had one.  What followed is, I think, a rare case of a 
mathematical result strongly influencing the development of a social 

Bill Marsh 

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