[FOM] The Irrelevance of definite descriptions in the Slingshot Argument?

Richard Heck rgheck at brown.edu
Fri Sep 29 23:35:49 EDT 2006

Michael Kremer wrote:
> Hartley Slater,
> Where does Frege himself use the slingshot argument?
> --Michael Kremer
I'd just like to take a moment to second this question. It seems to be
something akin to the "common wisdom" that the slingshot traces to
Frege. So far as I know, however, there is nothing in Frege's writings
that is remotely like Goedel's slingshot. Neale, as Hartley notes, makes
a few remarks concerning Frege, but he also remarks on "the difficulty
in attributing the argument to Frege" (/Mind/ 104 (1995), pp. 761-825,
at p. 763) and doesn't do so himself.

I suspect that the confusion goes back to Church.

Richard Heck

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