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Michael Zeleny zeleny at post.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 15 01:21:34 EDT 2006

Dear Professor Davis,

Thank you for your inquiry. As a result of Professors Burge and
Enderton objecting to the standard of editing and presentation of the
texts that I wish to maintain, I am no longer able to collaborate with
them on a joint publication. Since I own the copyright to the
collection in its present, unfinished state, my former co-editors will
not be involved in its completion and publication, short of their
change of mind on this matter. Being unable to comprehend the notion
of publishing Alonzo Church's Collected Works without proper textual
preparation and annotation, I encourage all interested parties to
contact them directly for their side of the story.

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On 9/14/06, Martin Davis <martin at eipye.com> wrote:
> On September 13 at 11:41AM Michael Zeleny wrote:
>  >I have been preparing the Collected Works of Alonzo
>  >Church for publication online and in a book format.
> Dear Dr. Zeleny,
> As a fellow Church student, I would like to inquire how this project is
> related to the proposed publication by MIT Press which a Google search
> indicated was to be edited by Tyler Burge, Michael Zeleny, and Herbert
> Enderton.
> Thank you,
> Martin Davis
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