[FOM] Last message from NSM2006: good news!

NSM2006 'Nonstandard Methods' Congress nsm2006 at mail.dm.unipi.it
Thu Sep 14 11:38:23 EDT 2006

Dear all,

this is the last message to the mailing list of NSM2006,
"Nonstandard Methods and Applications in Mathematics".

There are good news.
As a result of a discussions that took place in Pisa,
Springer offered to launch a new journal entitled
"LOGIC AND ANALYSIS", that will explicitly welcome papers
in nonstandard analysis. I copy below a message from
Nigel Cutland, the Editor in Chief.

I also inform you that the web site of the conference
has been updated.
Almost all slides of talks are now downloadable as
pdf files, from the "Abstract" section:
You can also download a few pictures taken at NSM2006
(courtesy of Natalia Martins and Liliana Costa)

I take the chance of this last message to thank
the Scientific Committee for their precious and
generous work, all participants and anyone who
helped making NSM2006 a success.

See you next time!
Mauro Di Nasso
(chair organizer of NSM2006)

Nigel Cutland's message:

As a result of dicussions that took place at NSM2006 in Pisa,
Springer are about to announce the launch of a new journal

            "LOGIC AND ANALYSIS"

Although not dedicated exclusively to papers in nonstandard analysis,
Logic and Analysis (L&A) will explicitly welcome high quality papers
in nonstandard analysis. It will also welcome papers in other areas
of interaction between logic and mathematics.
L&A is intended to be a natural home for quality papers in
nonstandard analysis as well as other interactions between logic
and the rest of mathematics.

The official announcement about L&A is expected shortly, with details
of the Editorial Board and Aims and Scope.  It is anticipated that
papers submitted for possible publication in L&A will be sent in the
first instance to the Editor-in-Chief who will assign it to a member
of the editorial board to oversee the refereeing process.
The intention is to ensure that L&A quickly gets a reputation as a
high quality journal.

Papers that fit within the aims and scope of L&A are most welcome;
indeed the success of the journal depends on a good supply of quality
papers from our area.

Please feel free to get back to me if you would like any further

Yours sincerely

Nigel Cutland

Editor-in-Chief designate
Logic and Analysis.

Professor Nigel Cutland
Mathematics Department
University of York
YO10 5DD
e-mail:  nc507 at york.ac.uk  (Home: nigelcutland at btinternet.com)

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