[FOM] Collected Works of Alonzo Church

Michael Zeleny zeleny at post.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 13 14:41:19 EDT 2006

I am a student of the late Alonzo Church. I studied with Professor
Church from 1986 until 1990, when he was dismissed from the U.C.L.A.
Philosophy Department. Since that time, pursuant to his request at the
time of his retirement, and thanks to his cooperation in the last
years of his life, I have been preparing the Collected Works of Alonzo
Church for publication online and in a book format. I have relied on
numerous annotations and emendations to his earlier works, prepared by
Professor Church in the final years of his life. This editorial
undertaking has been on hold in the past decade, owing to a temporary
lack of access to the balance of Church's archive. I am now prepared
to complete editing and publication through access to the collection
of Alonzo Church's papers, as catalogued and maintained at the
Princeton University Library.

I am seeking professional and volunteer assistance for compiling the
content digitized to date for online hosting, and for scanning and
typesetting the works that remain in their original manuscript or
conventionally typeset formats. I shall give priority to volunteered
contributions of labor and resources. Alternatively, I am willing to
compensate anyone performing these tasks in accordance with fair
market rates for similar types of work. Additionally, I am soliciting
learned commentary on the technical and historical aspects of
individual works of Alonzo Church. The ensuing product will be made
available online, licensed for free non-commercial reproduction.

Please contact me with all inquiries and requests.

Michael Zeleny at post.harvard.edu
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