[FOM] Truth theories and the conservativity argument

Richard Heck rgheck at brown.edu
Sun Sep 3 11:23:46 EDT 2006

>> But note, a contrario, that the "minimal" theory of truth, when  
>> implemented in faithful arithmetics, in turn gives all the basic  
>> truth-theoretic principles).
> I am not sure this is true. Even if we take the complete theory of 
> arithmetic, and add T-sentences, I don't think we get generalizations such 
> as (For all x)(x sentence ->  (True(x) or False(x))). (?) 
> (can anyone confirm this?)
Yes, Panu, that is correct. Simply consider a non-standard model of
arithmetic. The T-sentences only fix the behavior of the truth-predicate
on the standard sentences.


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