[FOM] Subject: LPAR 2006 (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), 2nd Call for Participation

Miki Hermann Miki.Hermann at lix.polytechnique.fr
Mon Oct 9 15:33:22 EDT 2006

LPAR-13                                               Phnom Penh, Cambodia
http://www.lix.polytechnique.fr/~hermann/LPAR2006/ 13th-17th November 2006

		      2nd Call for Participation

The 13th  International  Conference  on Logic  for   Programming Artificial
Intelligence and Reasoning (LPAR-13) will  be held 13th-17th November 2006,
at the  Hotel Cambodiana, Phnom Penh,  Cambodia.
Thanks to all who already registered. For those who want to
participate at the conference and did not register yet, the



		       Sunday, 15 October 2006

Please, find the registration on the web page


Do not forget to reserve your hotel room. The hotel reservation form
can be found at


Local Information (a new window pops up) can be found at


The most important part of it are the

			   Visa Regulations

which can be found at


All these pages are, of course, accessible from LPAR 2006 main page.

		Cambodia ... Land of LPAR and Pagodas

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