[FOM] Slater on the Liar (and other issues)

Bill Taylor W.Taylor at math.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Oct 4 23:52:05 EDT 2006

->Personally, it seems to me that almost everything Slater
->is saying below (whether these are sentences or something 
->else which supposed to have the property of truth)
->is neither true nor false. The reason may be that being
->a machine (while Slater is not), I cannot attach any meaning 
->to this sequence of sentences...
->Arnon Avron

This reminds me of an (only semi-)jocular comment I saw by David Petry...

*   Humans are able to argue by hand-waving.
*   Computers, not having hands, are unable to do this.
*   Penrose didn't take this into consideration - his key mistake!


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