[FOM] talk this Friday

John McCarthy jmc at steam.Stanford.EDU
Wed Oct 4 13:07:31 EDT 2006

I'm talking this Friday noon about the extensions to mathematical
logic needed for human-level common sense.

Logical Methods in the Humanities
Time: Friday October 6, noon
Room:    90-92Q, (Philosophy department)
Formalizing common sense in mathematical logic
John McCarthy, Computer Science Department, Stanford AI Lab

Abstract: Leibniz hoped to devise a mathematical logic adequate for
human affairs.  Since the 1950s progress has been made in formalizing
limited common sense domains in first order logic for the purposes of
artificial intelligence (AI).  However, we argue that extensions to
the reasoning methods of first order logic are need to reach
human-level common sense.  These include nonmonotonic reasoning,
reasoning with approximately (or partially) defined entities,
reification of propositions and individual concepts, reification of
contexts.  Even these extensions are probably insufficient.

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