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jean paul van bendegem jpvbende at vub.ac.be
Tue Nov 14 05:15:06 EST 2006

> Yes, he claimed to have a proof of the consistency of ZF with any
> finite number of inaccessible cardinals. Unfortunately it seems to be
> hard to get hold of a copy of this proof. I would really like to know
> in which axiomatic theory he claimed it could be done.

About a year ago, I sent in this reply to a similar question:

I know of three papers by Volpin, not in Russian. There is supposed to be a
typescript in Russian containing the full proof, but I have never seen it. I
did write to him many years ago, but what I received was a list of
publications, not the papers.

YESSENIN-VOLPIN, A. S. : "Le programme ultra-intuitioniste des fondements
des mathématiques". In: Infinitistic Methods, Proceedings Symposium on
Foundations of Mathematics, Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1961, pp. 201-223.
YESSENIN-VOLPIN, A. S. : "The ultra-intuitionistic criticism and the
antitraditional program for foundations of mathematics". In: KINO, MYHILL &
VESLEY (eds.), Intuitionism & proof theory. North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1970,
pp. 3-45.
YESSENIN-VOLPIN, A. S. : "About infinity, finiteness and finitization". In
RICHMAN, F. (ed.), 1981, pp. 274-313.

I have paper copies of these papers.

Jean Paul Van Bendegem

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