[FOM] 280: Generating large cardinals/self embedding axioms

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Tue May 2 04:55:55 EDT 2006

During recent discussions with set theorists concerning the possibility of
simple axioms generating large cardinals, I think that some work by me may
have been overlooked. Also see at the end, a particularly nice looking self
embedding axiom.

I first turn to the rather dense abstract

Restrictions and Extensions, February 17, 2003, 3 pages, draft.

which is paper number 33 on my website under downloadable manuscripts.

My website is at


The only results that have been published concern:

THEOREM 1.2. The following are equivalent.
i) for all sufficiently large kappa, E(kappa,fg);
ii) for all sufficiently large k, E(kappa,omega);
iii) there exists a measurable cardinal.

There is a corresponding result concerning the ³turning

THEOREM 1.3. The following are equivalent.
i) kappa is least such that for all lambda >= kappa, E(lambda,fg);
ii) kappa is least such that for all lambda >= kappa, E(lambda,omega);
iii) kappa is the least measurable cardinal.

The work appears in

Working with Nonstandard Models, in: Nonstandard Models of Arithmetic and
Set Theory, American Mathematical Society, ed. Enayat and Kossak, 71-86,

But I think that the work appearing there only treats ii),iii), and not the
fg = finitely generated case, if I recall (I have to go look back at it).

Other results there concern such large cardinal hypotheses as: weakly
compact cardinals, extendible cardinals, and elementary embeddings from
V(kappa+1) into itself. These have not been published.

So my approach reported there is very systematic and produces a diverse
level of large cardinals, including some of the most extreme such.

Note that for the large cardinals going far beyond measurables, in this
approach we use the language of second order logic.

I had an earlier approach that does not use languages but gets to the
extreme cardinals, beyond the huge cardinal hierarchy. See

`Combinatorial set theoretic statements of great logical strength', 1995, 4
pages, abstract. 

also at 


paper 2 under downloadable manuscripts.


An ordered binary function is a triple (A,R,f), where A is a class, R is a
transitive relation on A, and f:A2 into A.

An initial segment of (A,R,f) is a (B,R|B,f|B), where B is a subclass of A
and f:B2 into B. 

We say that (A,R,f) is self embeddable if and only if there is a class
bijection f:A into A which preserves R and f, and which is not surjective.

We say that (A,R,f) is class like if A is a proper class, and the R
predecessors of any element of A forms a set.

We say that (A,R,f) is kappa like if A has cardinality kappa, and the R
predecessors of every element of A has cardinality < kappa.

SELF EMBEDDING AXIOM (classes). Every class like surjective ordered binary
function has a self embeddable surjective initial segment.

SELF EMBEDDING AXIOM (sets). There is a cardinal kappa such that the
following holds. Every kappa like ordered binary function has a self
embeddable initial segment.

These axioms imply ranks into themselves, and follow from j:V into M with
V(lambda) contained in M.


I use http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/%7Efriedman/ for downloadable
manuscripts. This is the 278th in a series of self contained numbered
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