[FOM] Good gnus for Russell Scholars

Nimish Shah Nimish_Shah at onetel.com
Mon May 1 07:25:00 EDT 2006


I would like to add my support to Thomas' request. Although I have a 
copy of "Principia Mathematica to *56" CUP, 1999 it would be nice to 
have all three volumes on CD. If you then follow up with "The 
Mathematical Papers of Isacc Newton.'', 8 Volumes by D.T. Whiteside, 
then I think the world will love you, well maybe not all the world but 
a good sizable part will!

With kind regards,

On Sunday 30 April 2006 11:51 am, Thomas Forster wrote:
> I have for some time been trying to persuade Cambridge University
> Press to issue Russell-and-Whitehead Principia Mathematica on a CD in
> a suitable searchable format of some kind (not just a lot of jpg
> files!)  I had lunch with Roger Astley the other day and had - as
> usual - armed myself with further evidence that this would be a Good
> Thing, only to discover that i had already convinced him and the
> matter was in hand!  It seems that the plan is to issue it in pdf. 
> God knows how they will deal with all those funny characters but they
> seem to think they can do it.  Publication date not yet announced and
> i'm not allowed to include one in the authorised rumours lest this
> tempt fate.
> Now will be able to actually do some serious research on this
> document - and will be able to afford to buy it!  (It's always
> annoyed me that the price of second-hand copies has been kept
> artificially high by innumerate bibliophiles.)
> I think this may also be a straw in the wind that CUP are going to
> issue other things on their list in the same format - other things
> that scholars might want to mine.  There are people who distribute
> electronic copies of works that are out of copyright (i have txt
> files of the Alice books from this source) but this looks like a
> welcome new development.
> If you think this is a Good Thing then email rastley at cambridge.org to
> tell him he's a hero.

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