[FOM] Classical/Constructive Arithmetic

Bas Spitters spitters at cs.ru.nl
Tue Mar 21 02:03:39 EST 2006

[This is the second time I am sending this message. The moderator asked me to 
remove quotes.]
Dear Andrej,

On Monday 20 March 2006 18:13, Andrej Bauer wrote:
>   Theorem Y:
>   Let S be a locally compact subset of a metric space M. Every locally
>   uniformly continuous f:S-->R has a locally uniformly continuous extension
>   f':M-->R.
>   (See Bishop's "Constructive Analysis", Section 4.5 for details.)

The Tietze extension theorem was also considered by Waaldijk in his thesis 
`modern intuitionistic topology'. He proved a generalization, the Dugundji 
extension theorem, where one drops the condition of local compactness and 
replaces it  by a condition that would classically by equivalent with 


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