[FOM] NYC Logic Conference in memory of Stanley Tennenbaum, New York City April 7, 2006

Joel David Hamkins jhamkins at gc.cuny.edu
Sun Mar 19 17:12:42 EST 2006

A conference in memory of Stanley Tennenbaum, April 7, 2006

to be held at
The Graduate Center of The City University of New York (CUNY)
365 Fifth Avenue (at 34th Street) in midtown Manhattan, across the corner 
from the Empire State Building

Organizing committee: A. Apter, J. Hamkins, J. Kennedy, R. Kossak, R. Miller.

Support provided by: The MidAtlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar (MAMLS), 
funded by the National Science Foundation, and the CUNY Collaboration in 
Mathematical Logic, funded by a grant from The City University of New York.

Program of Events:
Friday, April 7, 2006

9:00 am   GC Math Lounge 4th Floor
Morning Coffee

10:00 am   GC Science Center
Welcoming Remarks

10:10 am   GC Science Center
Professor William Howard   (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Forty Years of Adventures with Stan

Abstract. I will describe some episodes from my contacts with Stan during 
the period 1950-1991, with emphasis on the early years. There were 
one-on-one conversations and also group interactions. Mathematical logic 
was a central part of this, but he engaged us in a variety of issues: what 
it meant to have a philosophical outlook, psychoanalysis, education, and 
social issues.

11:00 am   GC Science Center
Dr. Mirco Mannucci   (George Mason University)
Model Theory of Ultrafinitism I: Fuzzy Initial Segments of Arithmetics

Abstract. This talk is the first of an intended series of works on the 
model theory of ultrafinitism. The first part will address some of the 
issues related to ultrafinitistic programs, as well as some of the core 
ideas proposed thus far. The second part of the talk will present a model 
of ultrafinitistic arithmetics based on the notion of fuzzy initial 
segments of the standard natural numbers series.

12:00 pm    Lunch

2:00 pm   GC Science Center
Professor Akihiro Kanamori   (Boston University)
Tennenbaum and Set Theory

Abstract. I will discuss Tennenbaum's involvement with set theory, the 
particular focus being Suslin's Hypothesis.

3:00 pm   GC Science Center
Professor Juliette Kennedy   (University of Helsinki)
title to be announced

4:00 pm   GC Math Lounge
Afternoon Coffee

4:30 pm   GC Science Center
Professor Angus MacIntyre   (University of Edinburgh)
Models of arithmetic from Tennenbaum's Theorem till now

5:30 pm   GC Science Center
Professor Mel Nathanson   (The City University of New York)
Memories of Stanley Tennenbaum

6:00 pm   GC Science Center (Jointly sponsored by NY Logic Colloquium)
Professor Anil Nerode   (Cornell University)
The early life and times of Stanley Tennenbaum

Abstract. We will describe his life, mathematical and non-mathematical, 
from 1950 to the late 1980's.

In addition, other people who knew Stan will be invited to share their 

7:00 pm   Math Lounge
Wine and Cheese Reception

For directions, see http://mamls.org/Tennenbaum/Directions.

For support information, see http://mamls.org/Support, and contact the 
conference organizers.
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