[FOM] Harclay, Frege

Dean Buckner d3uckner at btinternet.com
Mon Mar 13 14:06:39 EST 2006

1.  (To William Tait) Thanks for the information on Harclay.

2.  It turns out there is a translation of Harclay's work available in
August 2006: "Henry of Harclay, Ordinary Questions, I-XIV" Edited by
Mark G. Henninger.  This is the first complete edition of the later work
of the medieval philosopher and theologian Henry of Harclay, and
benefits from a parallel Latin English text.  It is a whacking $116,
though a more reasonable £55 sterling.  There is a summary here


3.  I also noticed a new rtf version of Frege's Grundlagen on Alain
Blachair's amazing website here.


There was always a pdf version but you could not cut and paste from
this.  With the new version you can.

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