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Alan Baker wrote:

> I recently received the following request from a colleague in the
> Mathematics Department. Any suggestions would be welcome:
> "In my work recently I have been handicapped by not being familiar with
> the basic facts about mult-sorted and higher order logic.  Do you know a
> source appropriate for a non-logician mathematician who wants something 
> more on the "user's guide" end of the spectrum rather than the 
> encyclopedic end?"

There is a very good introductory discussion of these matters in Herbert 
B. Enderton: A Mathematical Introduction to Logic. 

Next, see 

Daniel Leivant, "Higher Order Logic", Handbook of Logic in Artificial 
Intelligence and Logic Programming, Volume 2: Deduction Methodologies.


van Benthem, J. and Doets, K. (1984): 'Higher Order Logic' in Handbook of 
Philosophical Logic, vol. I, eds. Gabbay, D. & Guenthner G., Dordrecht: 
Reidel Publishing Company, 274-329.  [there is a second revised edition, 
but I don't have the reference...]

Best, Panu

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