[FOM] E...EAA-completeness of ZF

Franco Parlamento parlamen at dimi.uniud.it
Fri Jun 16 07:05:52 EDT 2006

 Concerning the "promising attacks on the A...AEE and E...EAA cases"
 mentioned by Harvey Friedman in his [FOM] 196:Quantifier complexity
 in set theory  Nov 6 2003, I wish to inform the interested fomers
 that the completeness of ZF for E...EAA-sentences (equiv. for
 A...AEE-sentences)is proved in the paper "Truth in V for E...EAA-senteces is
 decidable", by Dorella Belle' and myself, to appear in the JSL,
 which is available at http://www.dimi.uniud.it/~belle.


 Franco Parlamento

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