[FOM] Could spacetime be discrete?

jean paul van bendegem jpvbende at vub.ac.be
Thu Jan 19 13:28:18 EST 2006

Two additional references to the topic, that might be interesting:

- in Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, vol. 36, number 3,
2005: "Geometry, pregeometry and beyond", authors: Diego Meschini, Markku
Lehto and Johanna Philonen, pp. 435-464. The paper contains a very nice
overview of several attempts to start from discrete theories and gradually
build up to "classical" theories,

- (indirectly related to the topic and a bit hesitant as I am the author):
in the on-line Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, I have been asked to
write about finitism in geometry. There are some proposals there not for
discrete space-time, but for a discrete geometry that approximates (in some
sense) classical geometry. URL:

Jean Paul Van Bendegem

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