[FOM] Could spacetime be discrete?

Olivier Souan olivier.souan at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jan 16 17:15:04 EST 2006

Apostolos Syropoulos wrote :

>Indeed, Seth Lloyd and Jack Ng are proponents of the idea of a discrete
>universe. If the universe is discrete, then most models of
>hypercomputation are meaningless, something that I believe would make
>computationalists really happy.
>                                                                [...]

Karl Svozil (Univ. Vienna, Austria) has also some interesting views on the
subject. He pleads for a "discrete computational or algorithmic physics"
which systematically envisions the physical world as a discrete machine.
See for instance his introductory, well documented and sometimes strange
"Computational universes"
(item 5 at http://tph.tuwien.ac.at/~svozil/publ/publ.html )

Olivier Souan
Writing a PhD on "platonism in the philosophy of mathematics"
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