[FOM] Latest additions to the Logic Museum

Dean Buckner d3uckner at btinternet.com
Sat Feb 25 09:55:51 EST 2006

For those who haven't dropped in for a visit, the Logic Museum is a
growing collection of primary sources in the history of logic, with a
particular focus on the early twentieth century period in England, on
nineteenth century 'class theory' and medieval texts on logic and

The museum is here http://uk.geocities.com/frege@btinternet.com

The latest exhibits are (1) a parallel Latin English translation of
Ockham's theory of past and future tenses, in chapter 7 of book II of
his Summa Logicae.  Here 


(2) An extract from HWB Joseph's book on Logic published in 1906.  This
is a criticism of Mill's theory of accidental predication, understanding
of which is key to understanding developments in logic in the nineteenth
century (in my humble view, of course).

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