[FOM] uncountable structures and core mathematics III: Lowenheim Skolem

John Baldwin jbaldwin at uic.edu
Wed Feb 22 20:06:55 EST 2006

I remarked on necessity of using infinitary logic to study complex 
exponentiation an earlier note in this series.

Eons ago Addison's metamath course at Berkeley included the topic:

The Lowenheim-Skolem-Godel-Malcev theorem (with a proof Tarski and Vaught)

This whimsy emphasized the roles of the upward and downward Lowenheim 
Skolem theorem.

We might ask, does (C,+, X, exp) have an L omega_1 omega elementary 
extension?  It does if Zilber's conjectured axiomatization is correct.

Dave Marker verified for  special 2-variable polynomials of one 
Zilber's axioms schemes.  (It needs to be shown for polynomials of all 
Interesting work in
the theory of complex variables (Schanuel's conjecture, Hadamard
factorization) appears in Dave Marker's: A remark on Zilber's


In the next note in this series I will discuss Lowenheim-Skolem phenomena 
in L_omega_1 omega without discussing links to core mathematics.

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