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Quoting Andrej Bauer <Andrej.Bauer at andrej.com>:

> I put this forth as a general strategy for mathematics, 
> not just ZFC. 

Your view seems then amount to what has been called "if-then-ism" (Putnam) 
or "deductivism" (Resnik) in the philosophy of mathematics. Such a view has 
been advanced for example by Russell, Hilbert and Putnam at some point of 
their career (as well as certain logical positivists, as a way to try to 
salvage logicism (fails)). It is a widely held opinion that this view faces 
deep problems, but unfortunately I can't go to them now (I am away from my 
office, in London, and terribly busy at the moment) - maybe little later.  
(Maybe somebody else here can continue?)

> And since I am not advocating total mathematical anarchy,
> yet, there should be some principle for selecting certain 
> axioms (and logics) over others.

Yes, that's one of the problems...

> A visible consequence of what I am suggesting is this: young
> mathematicians should _not_ be taught a single "standard" kind 
> of logic and axiom system. Instead, students should be taught 
> how to think with or without classical logic, axiom of choice,
> large cardinals, powersets, etc. In effect I am proposing that 
> f.o.m.ers make themselves indispensable for the forseeable 
> future. Surely you must agree :-)

Yes, I think I agree with you on that, even if I think myself as a kind of 

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