[FOM] Choice of new axioms 1

John Baldwin jbaldwin at uic.edu
Sun Feb 12 22:09:44 EST 2006

Shipman wrote:

>> 1) V=L is practically impossible to STATE to a mathematician who hasn't
> had a lot of logic and set theory

and Friedman responded:
>This can be finessed somewhat talking about extreme robustness. Of 
>to pull this kind of exposition off, one needs a lot of careful thought 
>and experience. Moreover, it is a challenge to completely get around 
> this. I have no doubt that one can completely get around this, with some 
> hard work. It will happen if this becomes a critical issue at some 

I add a complementary remark to Harvey's:

  Many of the `mathematical consequences' of
`V=L' follow from diamond. I pointed this out once in a debate with
Maclane.  Kaplansky was pleased to learn this and asserted that diamond 
was `real mathematics', which made sense of the axiom.

John T. Baldwin
Department of Mathematics, Statistics, 
and Computer Science

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