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Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
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THEOREM 1.1. No consistent many sorted finitely axiomatized extension of PA
can be self interpreted using arithmetic formulas only.

INFORMAL COROLLARY 1. No consistent many sorted finitely axiomatized
extension of PA can prove its own consistency.

Proof: If so, then it has an interpretation of itself using arithmetic
formulas only, via the completeness theorem, which obviously uses only the
most basic properties of a proof predicate. QED

INFORMAL COROLLARY 2. PA does not prove its own consistency.

Proof: First prove in PA that Con(PA) implies Con(ACA0), using cut
elimination. If PA proves its own consistency then PA proves Con(ACA0). Now
apply Theorem 1.1. QED

INFORMAL COROLLARY 3. No consistent many sorted recursively axiomatized
extension of PA can prove its own consistency.

Proof: One can adapt the proof of Informal Corollary 2. QED

Other semantic forms, with stronger informal Corollaries, were discussed
earlier on FOM. See the references in #305.


Here are two reviews from SciNet of existing proofs. I am still looking for
a new kind of proof. The bizarre thing about Godel's second is that proofs
use some sort of mysterious diagonalization or self reference, which is
usually thought to be good for proving existence statements - e.g., in
Cantor - not universal statements such as Godel's second.

MR2060929 (2005d:03100) 03F03
Kotlarski, Henryk
The incompleteness theorems after 70 years. (English summary)
Provinces of logic determined.
Ann. Pure Appl. Logic 126 (2004), no. 1-3, 125?138.
The author gives a survey on alternative methods to prove G¨odel?s
incompleteness theorems (and related results), in particular without use of
the diagonal lemma. The following results are addressed:
?1. A proof of Tarski?s theorem on undefinability of truth using the
existence of nonrecursively saturated models instead of the diagonal lemma.
2. Kikuchi?s proof from [M. Kikuchi, Math. Logic Quart. 40 (1994), no. 4,
528?532; MR1301944 (95j:03095)] (it is based on Berry?s paradox; Kikuchi?s
work extends earlier work of G. S. Boolos [Gac. R. Soc. Mat. Esp. 4 (2001),
no. 3, 521?527; MR1885109 (2002k:03100)]).
3. My proof from [H. Kotlarski, J. Symbolic Logic 59 (1994), no. 4,
1414?1419; MR1312319 (96c:03111)] (it turned out that it is based on the
socalled busy beaver problem).
4. Adamowicz?s idea from [Z. Adamowicz and T. Bigorajska, J.
Symbolic Logic 66 (2001), no. 1, 349?356; MR1825189 (2002b:03122)] (it is a
link between the incompleteness phenomena and the idea of existentially
closed models)? (p. 126).
Reviewed by Reinhard Kahle

MR1191869 (94g:03018) 03B10 (03C62 03F25)
Jech, Thomas (1-PAS)
On G¨odel?s second incompleteness theorem. (English summary)
Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 121 (1994), no. 1, 311?313.
A special case of Godel?s second incompleteness theorem (that no
sufficiently strong consistent theory can prove its own consistency) is
stated as the following theorem: It is unprovable in set theory (unless set
theory is inconsistent) that there exists a model of set theory. A short
model theoretic proof of this theorem (using the completeness theorem) is
provided. It is also shown how the argument can be modified to apply to
weaker theories such as Peano arithmetic.
Reviewed by Stanisław J. Surma


I use http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/%7Efriedman/ for downloadable
manuscripts. This is the 306th in a series of self contained numbered
postings to FOM covering a wide range of topics in f.o.m. The list of
previous numbered postings #1-249 can be found at
http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2005-June/008999.html in the FOM
archives, 6/15/05, 9:18PM. NOTE: The title of #269 has been corrected from
the original.

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Harvey Friedman

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