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I think the paper Ignacio  Nattochdag is referring  to,
"Philosophische bemerkungen zu mehrwertigen Systemen
des Aussagenkalkuls" by Jan Lukasiewicz,

in his post:

>For what I know the paper of Lukasiewicz I
> was refferring to is not available in english: If I ever make a pdf
> translation I will send it to you and you will see immediately what I
> meant(If you read spanish I can scan you the spanish version that I
> have). Glance through the papers of Giovanni Panti available at Arxiv:
> that is closer to the spirit of the original Lukasiewicz.

appears as:

 "Philosophical remarks on many-valued systems of propositional logics" in
Storrs McCall, editor, Polish Logic 1920-1939. Clarendon Press, Oxford,



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