[FOM] Is Godel's Theorem surprising?

Charles Silver silver_1 at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 14 13:13:36 EST 2006

	Both Panu and Harvey expressed doubts about this remark I made: "I  
believe this [the Kripke] proof also shows--please correct me if I'm  
wrong--that a specifically *mathematical* proposition (though an  
unusual one) cannot be proved nor can its negation.    (I.e., Godel's  
first theorem.)
	After they read the proof carefully, do Panu and/or Harvey think the  
proposition *is* in a sense mathematical (though as I said,  
"unusual"), or do they think it is *not*, and why?   Similarly, what  
do others think?
	(Hmmm, what now occurs to me is to find out what Putnam thinks.)

Charlie Silver

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