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laureano luna laureanoluna at yahoo.es
Fri Dec 8 08:56:30 EST 2006

Henri Galinon wrote on Wed, 6 Dec 2006:

>Dear FOMers,
>  in his essay "The ways of paradox", Quine has a
>passage on Berry's  
>paradox. At the very end of the passage (last remark
>of the following  
>(quote), he offers the reader a little amusing game
>>(implicitly at  
>least) by hinting at a solution. My question is :
>what is Quine's  
>"solution" ?

Consider the possibility of the obvious joke: the
least number not specifiable-0 in less than nineteen
might be simply not specifiable-0, and hence not
specifiable-0 in less than 23 syllables.


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