[FOM] What is Category Theory?

G. Sica g.sica at polimetrica.org
Thu Apr 20 08:55:21 EDT 2006

Please allow me to bring to the attention of list members a recent
publication about the foundations of Category Theory:

Editor: Giandomenico Sica
Price: 30 Euro.
Forwarding and delivery charges are not included in the price.
Publisher: Polimetrica Internatinal Scientific Publisher.
Contributions and authors: 
Abstract and Variable Sets in Category Theory
(John L. Bell)
Categories for Knotted Curves, Surfaces and Quandles
(Scott Carter)
Introducing Categories to the Practicing Physicist
(Bob Coecke)
Some Implications of the Adoption of Category Theory for Philosophy
(David Corfield)
Sets, Categories and Structuralism
(Costas A. Drossos)
A Theory of Adjoint Functors – with some Thoughts about their
Philosophical Significance
(David Ellerman)
Enriched Stratified Systems for the Foundations of Category Theory
(Solomon Feferman)
Category Theory, Pragmatism and Operations Universal in Mathematics
(Ralf Krömer)
What is Category Theory? 
(Jean-Pierre Marquis)
Category Theory: an abstract setting for analogy and comparison 
(Ronald Brown – Tim Porter)
On Doing Category Theory within Set Theoretic Foundations
(Vidhyānāth K. Rao)

The best way to purchase this book is to buy it directly from the
publisher's web-site: http://www.polimetrica.com . 
I hope you can be interested in this information.
If not, please accept my sincere apologies for the trouble: this is not
a spam message.
Many thanks.

All the best,
Giandomenico Sica

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