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On Sunday 16 April 2006 02:00, Martin Davis wrote:
> Replying to a query by Bob Solovay, Ron Graham wrote:
>  > This real is well known to be e^(1/e)
> Just to comment that this number has a nostalgic interest for me. When I
> was a freshman I managed to prove that the sequence defined by s_1=x,
> s_{n+1} = x^(s_n) converges precisely for real numbers x satisfying (1/e)^e
> <= x <= e^{1/e).
Are these types of results understood enough to provide a classification 
theory . The appropriate starting point may be this general definition : 
x is a number of type ... whenever,

If S_{1}=x, S_{n+1}= f (x, S_{n}) for a function f algebraic w.r.t x 
and (S_{n}) is convergent  if and only if

\exists a \exists terms  u, v   u(a) =< x =< v(a) and u,v have the same 
operation symbols that are repeated the same number of times and u(a), v(a) 
are in reduced form.

The bounds are regular in an algebraic sense. 

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