[FOM] CSL'06: September 25 -- 29, 2006, Szeged, Hungary

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Fri Apr 14 20:24:05 EDT 2006

* CSL'06 *
* Annual Conference of the European Association for *
* Computer Science Logic *
* September 25 -- 29, 2006, Szeged, Hungary *
* http://www.inf.u-szeged.hu/~csl06/ *
Computer Science Logic (CSL) is the annual conference of the European
Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL). The conference is
intended for computer scientists whose research activities involve
logic, as well as for logicians working on issues significant for
computer science. CSL'06, the 15th annual EACSL conference will be
organized by the Institute of Informatics, University of Szeged.
Suggested topics of interest include: automated deduction and
interactive theorem proving, constructive mathematics and type theory,
equational logic and term rewriting, automata and formal logics, modal
and temporal logic, model checking, logical aspects of computational
complexity, finite model theory, computational proof theory, logic
programming and constraints, lambda calculus and combinatory logic,
categorical logic and topological semantics, domain theory, database
theory, specification, extraction and transformation of programs,
logical foundations of programming paradigms, verification of security
protocols, linear logic, higher-order logic, nonmonotonic reasoning,
logics and type systems for biology.
Programme Committee: Invited speakers:
Krzysztof Apt(Amsterdam/Singapore) Martin Escardo (Birmingham)
Matthias Baaz (Vienna) Paul-Andre Mellies (Paris)
Michael Benedikt (Chicago) Luke Ong (Oxford)
Pierre-Louis Curien (Paris) Luc Segoufin (Orsay)
Rocco De Nicola (Florence) Miroslaw Truszczynski(Lexington,KY)
Zoltan Esik (Szeged, chair)
Dov Gabbay (London)
Fabio Gadducci (Pisa) Organizing Committee:
Neil Immerman (Amherst)
Michael Kaminski (Haifa) Zoltan Esik (Szeged, co-chair)
Bakhadyr Khoussainov (Auckland) Zsolt Gazdag (Szeged)
Ulrich Kohlenbach (Darmstadt) Eva Gombas (Szeged, co-chair)
Marius Minea (Timisoara) Szabolcs Ivan (Szeged)
Damian Niwinski (Warsaw) Zsolt Kakuk (Szeged)
R. Ramanujam (Chennai) Lorand Muzamel (Szeged)
Philip Scott (Ottawa) Zoltan L. Nemeth (Szeged)
Philippe Schnoebelen (Cachan) Sandor Vagvolgyi
Alex Simpson (Edinburgh) (Szeged, workshop-chair)
Proceedings will be published in the LNCS series. Each paper accepted
by the Programme Committee must be presented at the conference by one
of the authors, and final copy prepared according to Springer's guidelines.
Submitted papers must be in Springer's LNCS style and of no more
than 15 pages, presenting work not previously published. They must
not be submitted concurrently to another conference with refereed
proceedings. The PC chair should be informed of closely related work
submitted to a conference or journal by 1 April, 2006. Papers
authored or coauthored by members of the Programme Committee are not
Submitted papers must be in English and provide sufficient detail to
allow the Programme Committee to assess the merits of the paper.
Full proofs may appear in a technical appendix which will be read at
the reviewer's discretion. The title page must contain: title and
author(s), physical and e-mail addresses, identification of the
corresponding author, an abstract of no more than 200 words, and a
list of keywords.
The submission deadline is in two stages. Titles and abstracts must be
submitted by 24 April, 2006 and full papers by 1 May, 2006.
Notifications of acceptance will be sent by 12 June, 2006, and final
versions are due 3 July, 2006. A submission server will be available
from 15 March, 2006.
The Ackermann Award for 2006 will be presented to the recipients at
Important Dates:
- title & abstract: 24 April, 2006
- full paper: 1 May, 2006
Notification: 12 June, 2006
Final papers: 3 July, 2006

Conference address:
c/o Prof. Zoltan Esik
Institute of Informatics,
University of Szeged
H-6701, Szeged, P.O.B. 652,
web site: http://www.inf.u-szeged.hu/~csl06/
e-mail: csl06 at inf.u-szeged.hu
phone: +36-62-544-289 or +36-62-544-205
fax: +36-62-544-895 or +36-62-546-397

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