[FOM] Logic Colloquium 2006: 2nd Call for Participation/Call for Contributed Talks

Herman Geuvers H.Geuvers at cs.ru.nl
Thu Apr 13 06:31:51 EDT 2006

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   -------------  CALL for PARTICIPATION  -------------------
|                                                          |
|               LOGIC COLLOQUIUM 2006                      |
|            (ASL European Summer Meeting)                 |
|              July 27 -- August 2, 2006                   |
|                                                          |
|       Institute for Computing and Information Science    |
|       Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands)      |
|                                                          |

    The European summer meeting of the ASL in the year 2006 will be held
    in Nijmegen, the Netherlands:


    Plenary invited speakers:
            Samson Abramsky (Oxford)
            Marat Arslanov (Kazan)
            Harvey Friedman (Ohio)
            Martin Goldstern (Vienna)
            Ehud Hrushovski (Jerusalem)
            Jochen Koenigsmann (Freiburg)
            Andy Lewis (Leeds)
            Antonio Montalban (Chicago)
            Erik Palmgren (Uppsala)
            Wolfram Pohlers (Muenster)
            Ernest Schimmerling (Pittsburgh)
            John Steel (Berkeley)
            William Tait (Chicago)
            Frank Wagner (Lyon)

    Tutorials by:
            Rodney Downey (Wellington)
            Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht)
            Boban Velickovic (Paris)

    Plenary Discussion:
    On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the great logician Kurt
    Goedel, there will be a plenary discussion on "Goedel's Legacy",
    discussing his influence on set theory, proof theory and
    philosophical logic.

    Special sessions:
          * Computability Theory
            Speakers: Noam Greenberg, Bjorn Kjos-Hanssen, Peter Hertling,
                      Joe Miller, Jan Reimann, Frank Stephan
          * Computer Science Logic
            Speakers: Ulrich Berger, Venanzio Capretta, Martin Escardo
                      John Harrison, Martin Hofmann, Andy Pitts
          * Model Theory
            Speakers: Raf Cluckers, Clifton Ealy, Piotr Kowalski,
                      Assaf Hasson, Sonia L'Innocente, Tim Mellor
          * Proof Theory and Type Theory
            Speakers: Klaus Aehlig, Andrey Bovykin, Nicola Gambino,
                      Joost Joosten, Thomas Studer, Henry Towsner
          * Set Theory
            Speakers: Natasha Dobrinen, John Krueger, Paul Larson,
                      Jordi Lopez-Abad, Christian Rosendal, Martin Zeman

    You can now register by submitting the online registration form (or
    you can send it by fax). You can find the registration form and all
    other information related to the conference at:

				       The Organizing Committee

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