[FOM] Impredicativity of Kruskal's Theorem

Todd Wilson twilson at csufresno.edu
Fri Apr 7 19:16:06 EDT 2006

I have been following, with some interest, the Friedman/Weaver debate on
predicativity, although recently it seems to have stalled.  However, I
think that Weaver, in the last two sentences of his latest post, has hit
upon a possible way forward:

> Can you find any circularity in it?  That's the relevant question in
> determining predicative legitimacy.

I would like to see anyone who claims that Weaver's analysis of
predicativity goes too far produce an instance of circularity in it -- 
or explain why the issue of circularity is inappropriate in analyzing 

Todd Wilson
Department of Computer Science
California State University, Fresno

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