[FOM] Cathegogical logic

Stanislav Barov barov at mccme.ru
Tue Sep 27 21:45:18 EDT 2005

I think about Cathegory logic. May be one can prove 
that Class of models of 
language of Cathegory theory Can be interpreted as calss of local properties of 
predicates which is interpreted as first order models, and not. in general 
class of models of second order language. If we try to prove it can be that 
translations from acsiomatizable class of models (theory T in language of 
cathegory theory) in general
not have recursive enumerable (effective) property for corresponding first 
order theory (of individuals and sets). On the other hand it's not have all 
incomprehansible qualities of models of second order language.
My somebody suspect some incorectness of that stataments or improve it.

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