[FOM] Type-Occurrence-Token

Charles Silver silver_1 at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 22 17:26:52 EDT 2005

 John Corcoran wrote:

>  Many
> logicians fail to distinguish "token" from "occurrence" and a few
> actually confuse the two concepts. The word 'instance' is often used
> ambiguously: now for "token", now for "occurrence".

    I think I am one of the persons who fail to distinguish token from occurrence.
In point of fact, I considered them two entirely different things and never
connected them (so possibly may not actually have confused them [?]).  However, I
could not follow some of your points and wonder whether you'd please elucidate
with examples the difference between a letter type and a letter token, and how
both relate to occurrences of a particular letter in a word type and in a word
supposing what I'm asking makes sense.

Charlie Silver

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