[FOM] On Ordinal Notations Plus Re:A New Ordinal Notation

Lew Gordeew legor at gmx.de
Sun Sep 18 03:50:59 EDT 2005

Dmytro Taranovsky <dmytro at MIT.EDU> wrote: 
> Regarding my ordinal notation system discussed in the previous postings
> and in http://web.mit.edu/dmytro/www/other/OrdinalNotation.htm 
> Lew Gordeew's corrected Maple script showed that the description of the
> comparison relation is apparently consistent and complete.

Yes, but only for standard form notations whose Lukasiewicz codes do not
exceed 600 (in fact I checked it for all codes <= 1000). It has to be proved
yet for all standard form notations/codes in question.   


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