[FOM] 7th Augustus de Morgan Workshop, London (Nov 2005)

Benedikt Loewe bloewe at science.uva.nl
Wed Sep 14 18:07:00 EDT 2005

             7th Augustus de Morgan Workshop
                   INTERACTIVE LOGIC:
               Games and Social Software
                 King's College London
                  November 4-7, 2005


                 CALL FOR SHORT PAPERS

Traditionally, logic has dealt with the zero-agent notion of truth and the
one-agent notion of reasoning. In the last decades, research focus in
logic shifted from these topics to the vast field of "interactive logic",
encompassing logics of communication and interaction. The main
applications of this move to n-agent notions are logical approaches to
games and social software. The wealth of applications in these areas will
be the focus of the 7th Augustus de Morgan Workshop.

Invited Speakers at the workshop include S. Abramksy (Oxford), Krzyzstof
Apt (Amsterdam), Julian Bradfield (Edinburgh), Adam Brandenburger (New
York=, Erich Grädel (Aachen), Wilfrid Hodges (London), Barteld Kooi
(Groningen), Eric Pacuit (Amsterdam), Rohit Parikh (New York), Andres
Perea (Maastricht), Olivier Roy (Amsterdam), Brian Semmes (Amsterdam),
Merlijn Sevenster (Amsterdam), Jouko Väänänen (Helsinki), Robert van Rooij
(Amsterdam), Wiebe van der Hoek (Liverpool), Jan van Eijck (Amsterdam),
Philip Welch (Bristol).

We have reserve two sessions in the schedule for short presentations by
other interested researchers. If you are interested in giving a short
presentation at the workshop, please submit your abstract (a few lines of
text are enough) via the online submission form on our webpage before the
deadline of OCTOBER 4TH, 2005.

For more information, please check http://www.illc.uva.nl/ADMW05/ or (for
local information) contact Jane Spurr at jane at dcs.kcl.ac.uk.

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