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PHINEWS BULLETIN / September 2005


Table of Contents 





(1) PHINEWS, volume 8, October 2005.


Interview with Patrick Blackburn

Formal Philosophy



New Publications

AiML - Advances in Modal Logic

ASL - Association for Symbolic Logic

FoLLI - Foundation of Logic, Language and Information

TARK - Theoretical Aspects of Reasoning about Knowledge

Funny Fragments


Index of Names

Deadline for submissions to PHINEWS 8 is September 20, 2005

PHINEWS is published by PHILOG (http://www.philog.ruc.dk) and Springer

Edited by Vincent F. Hendricks, Pelle Guldborg Hansen, Stig Andur Pedersen
and Dov M. Gabbay



by Vincent F. Hendricks and John Symons


Formal Philosophy is a collection of short interviews based on 5 questions
presented to some of the most influential and prominent scholars in formal
philosophy. We hear their views on formal philosophy, its aim, scope, the
future direction of philosophy and how their work fits in these regards. 

The interviews will be freely available in December 2005 at
www.formalphilosophy.com and will also available as a book in December 2005.


Johan van Benthem

Brian Chellas

Anne Fagot-Largeault

Solomon Feferman

Melvin Fitting

Bas van Fraassen

Dagfinn Føllesdal

Haim Gaifman

Clark Nøren Glymour

Adolf Grünbaum

Susan Haack

Sven Ove Hansson

Jaakko Hintikka

Isaac Levi

H. Jerome Keisler

Ruth Barcan Marcus

Rohit Parikh

Jeff Paris

Wlodek Rabinowicz

Gabriel Sandu

Krister Segerberg

Wolfgang Spohn

Robert Stalnaker

Patrick Suppes

Timothy Williamson



500 CC: Computer Citations

Vincent F. Hendricks

hAS aNYONE sEEN MY cAPSLOCK kEY?" 500CC is a compilation of more than 500
citations on the experiences we have as computer users, abusers and
Internet-cruisers - from rage and anger via joy, laughter and appreciation
to despair and frustration. 

This volume completes Vincent F. Hendricks' trilogy of quotations including,
besides 500CC: ComputerCitations, Feisty Fragments: For Philosophy, and
Logical Lyrics: From Philosophy to Poetics. 

Order now from AMAZON: 




International Computer Science Symposium CSR 2006 June 8-12, St.Petersburg,
Russia. <http://logic.pdmi.ras.ru/~csr2006/>


The workshop "Methods for Modalities" (M4M) aims to bring together
researchers interested in developing algorithms, verification methods and
tools based on modal logics. Here the term "modal logics" is conceived
broadly, including description logic, guarded fragments, conditional logic,
temporal and hybrid logic, etc.

To stimulate interaction and transfer of expertise, M4M will feature a
number of invited talks by leading scientists, research presentations aimed
at highlighting new developments, and submissions of system demonstrations.
We strongly encourage young researchers and students to submit papers and
posters, especially for experimental and prototypical software tools which
are related to modal logics.

Invited speakers:

François Laroussinie, ENS Cachan and CNRS

Martin Lange, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität

Wim Martens, Hasselt University

Boris Motik, Universität Karlsruhe

Boris Konev, University of Liverpool

Uwe Scheffler, Humboldt Universität

Regular papers should not exceed the length of 12 pages; short papers are up
to six pages of length, and posters and tools can be presented on two pages
of text. Proceedings will appear online and as a Humboldt university report.
Depending on the submissions, papers may be selected to appear in a special
issue of an appropriate journal. Submission is by internet or email. You can
(preferrably) upload your PostScript or PDF contribution to the address
<http://www.easychair.org/M4M-4/submit/> or (alternatively) send it to
m4m-4 at first.fraunhofer.de.

The workshop will take place in Berlin - Adlershof, Germany, which is one of
the worlds largest science and technology areas, comprising twelve research
institutes, six faculties of the Humboldt University of Berlin, and more
than 370 high tech companies. It is hosted by FIRST, the Fraunhofer
Institute of Computer Architecture and Software Technology, in collaboration
with the computer science institute of Humboldt University.

For more information and registration information, see the M4M homepage at


Deadline for submissions: September 15th, 2005 (extended!)

Notification: October 17, 2005

Camera ready versions: November 8, 2005

Workshop dates: December 1-2, 2005

The program committee for M4M consists of

Holger Schlingloff, Humboldt University / FIRST (local organizations);

Carlos Areces, INRIA Lorraine;

Patrick Blackburn, INRIA Lorraine;

Torben Brauner, Roskilde University;

Stephane Demri, ENS de Cachan;

Enrico Franconi, Free University of Bolzano;

Rajeev Gore, Australian National University;

Ian Horrocks, University of Manchester;

Joost-Pieter Katoen, RWTH Aachen;

Maarten de Rijke, University of Amsterdam;

Renate Schmidt, University of Manchester; and

Frank Wolter, University of Liverpool.


Vincent F. Hendricks, dr. phil., PhD
Editor-in-chief: Synthese & Synthese Library

Professor of Epistemology, Logic and Methodology
Member of IIP - The International Institute of Philosophy
Editor: Trends in Logic (Studia Logica Library) / Studia Logica
Director of PHILOG, Editor-in-chief of PHINEWS
Department of Philosophy and Science Studies Roskilde University P.O. Box
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