[FOM] Quotation of Brouwer on Cantor

A.R.D.Mathias Adrian-Richard-David.Mathias at univ-reunion.fr
Thu Sep 8 02:15:01 EDT 2005

On Wednesday 07 September 2005 11:26, Patrick Caldon wrote:
> I dimly recall a statement of Brouwer's, something vaguely along the
> lines of
> "Cantorian mathematics was a sickness which is best forgotten"
> but I can't remember the precise statement, or even enough
> of the statement to get a reference.  Can someone help me here?
> Thanks,
> Patrick.

I have a note in my files that Poincaré, in an address at the 1908 Rome 
Congress, said something to the effect that Cantorian set theory was a 
grave mathematical malady from which mankind would in time awake. 
But I have no copy of Poincaré's address here to check. 

A. R. D. Mathias 

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