[FOM] Disproving Godel's explanation of incompleteness

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Lainaus "A.P. Hazen" <a.hazen at philosophy.unimelb.edu.au>:

> 4) It seems overwhelmingly likely that Gödel "saw" this proof 
> first.  (One eminent logician has referred to Tarski's Theorem as the 
> "Gödel-Tarski Theorem" in lectures.)  He then thought to himself "But 
> if I publish THIS, the mathematicians will see the word TRUTH and 
> decide I'm just a rat-bag philosopher, so how can I reformulate it to 
> avoid that..."  Cf. Feferman on Gödel's "caution" ("Philosophia 
> Naturalis" v. 21 (1984); repr. in Feferman's "In the Light of Logic").

There is now a quite nice and detailed discussion of all this in:
Stanisaw Krajewski: "Gödel on Tarski", Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 
Volume 127, Issues 1-3 , June 2004, Pages 303-323.

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