[FOM] Yet another online resource - sequent calculus

Alex Sakharov mail at sakharov.net
Thu Oct 6 10:33:45 EDT 2005

This is just an announcement about another online resource that I made
available recently. It is called Sequent Calculus Primer:
It could be useful primarily for students.

My motivation for creating this page was to bring up a bunch of
derivation examples. Such examples are hard to find anywhere including
monographs in proof theory. I remember my initial painful experience
with constructing sequent calculus proofs. Once I got used to this, I
actually found it easier to construct sequent-based derivations than a
Hilbert-type ones. Basically, I am trying to simplify other students life.

Also, I would appreciate comments suggesting additional derivations that
would complement (rather than repeat) those already on the page. 
Alex Sakharov

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